Creation of Freight Units in SAP TM using Freight Unit Building Rule


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Today we will see how the Freight Units get created automatically using Freight Unit Building Rule in SAP TM.

So, what is actually the Freight Unit?

In simple words “Freight Unit is a set of goods transported together through the entire transportation chain”,

Please refer below figure, you will get better clarity on freight units,


Figure 1


Freight Unit provides the link between transportation requirements and the transportation document.


Freight Units in SAP TM can be created manually or automatically, but in this blog, we will focus on automatic freight unit building rule,


We will use Forwarding Order (FWO) as Transportation Requirement here,

(In the case of Logistics Service Provider Business Scenario who has Transportation as a core business, Forwarding Order is a document which triggers the transportation process in SAP TM).


STEP 1: Define Freight Unit Types

Freight units are created based on a certain freight unit type, that’s why we will create FU type first, “ZFU4” in this case, refer below Screenshot 1


GUI Menu Path: Transportation Management Planning Freight Unit Define Freight Unit Types

general freight unit type

Screenshot 1


STEP 2: Create Freight Unit Building Rule (FUBR) & assign created FU type

We will create FUBR & assign FU type to it, so whenever this FUBR is called in FWO as you will see in the coming steps, our respective FU type will get created automatically.


FUBRs are defined in Profiles and Settings → Create Freight Unit Building Rule (in SAP TM 9.6, the menu path is Application Administration → Planning → General Settings → Freight Unit Building Rule)

We have three strategies to control FU creation, but we will create FUBR as “ZFFR-FUBR-GEN” with Consolidate per Request strategy as below Screenshot 2,



Screenshot 2


STEP 3: Create the forwarding order document type & assign created freight unit building rule to it

We have created FWO document type “ZFWR” in customizing, & assigned FUB Rule in “Planning Settings” as shown below Screenshot 3


Use GUI menu path SPRO → Ref IMG → Transportation Management FWO Management FWO Define FWO Types


Screenshot 2



Screenshot 3


Check our next blog, where we have mentioned how we assign FUBR to Logistics Integration profile.

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STEP 4: Forwarding Order gets created in SAP TM as demand is generated in an external system

Now whenever demand is created, Forwarding Order will be created in SAP TM, in our case “Forwarding Order – Road 2211000150”, refer to Screenshot 4


display forwarding order

Screenshot 4


STEP 5: Freight Unit gets created automatically as a combined result of “assignment of FU Type to FUBR” & “assignment of FUBR to FWO type”

If you see the Document flow tab of FWO you will find Freight Unit “Road General Freight Unit Type 4100007651” with FU type “ZFU4” got created using the FUBR “ZFFR-FUBR-GEN” which we have assigned during customizing of FWO “ZFWR”, refer below Screenshot 5 & 6,

business document

Screenshot 5

road general freight unit type

Screenshot 6


Summary: So, in this blog, we have seen how Freight Unit gets created in SAP TM using Automatic Freight Unit Building Rule when demand is generated in an external system.


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