Email and Html through Power Automate                                     

Dear Readers,

In the upcoming time the use of Sending Automation mail is getting increased and for which we can use Microsoft Power Automate.

Many of the companies are currently using this Power Automate for sending an automated mail to their employees, client, etc.

Here is an example to show the power of power automate

We are having the data that need to send to respective employee every week at scheduled time, we have implemented this functionality using power automate. Power automate has number of trigger and actions available to connect with applications / data source and we can also customize the HTML table, email body etc. We can send reminders mails, action Emails uploading of files in document library, various types of actions can be automated with power automate.

We, at NAV-IT Consulting, are having a team of Trained & Experienced Professionals who are developing these types of applications since years now. So, why waste time when you can improve the efficiency of all your Employees. 

Glimpse of power automate flow: