Power Automate- Make your daily tasks Automate

Dear Readers

How Power BI is helpfulin daily tasks – For instance we got one requirement from one of our clients for sharing the name of employees to the project manager whose availability date is getting over after 4 weeks or 6 weeks.

This week scenario will depend on utilization. For example: – If working employee utilization is 50% then Project Manager will get a mail 4 weeks prior that this employee will be employed to this project till that date.

We have made Power Automated flow for this requirement and this flow will run every day and check if any employee is in the list or not if any employee is in the list, then project manager will get to know about employee and end date and if no employee is available in the list, then no action is performed in that Automate Flow.

We have made some logics and through some Queries for fetching records we were successfully able to fetch the name of employees, End Date of work and Project Manager Email Id. Using this, we have implemented the flow at client end.