Transportation Lane in SAP Transportation Management

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In todays blog we will see use of Transportation Lane in SAP TM.

In transportation network there must be a reachability between two points, in our case these points are nothing but our Locations/zones & this reachability is defined by Transportation Lane.

Transportation Lane is defined by below parameters,

1. A source Location or Zone

2. A destination Location or Zone

3. Means of transport

Transportation lane indicates that we can reach from source to our destination by using resources of means of transport.

You can maintain the Transportation Lane using path: Master Data → Transportation Network → Define Transportation Lane

Step 1: Define Source Location/Zone & Destination Location/Zone for Transportation Lane

Source Location


Destination Location


change NAV IN DL

Figure 1


Step 2: Define Means of Transport under Transportation Lane

As you can see in below Figure 2.1, 2.2, we have created Means of Transports “0001: Truck & 0002: Rail” under the Transportation Lane.

nav carrier
neither cost nor priority

Figure 2.2

You can maintain the following parameters as shown in above Figure 2.1, 2.2:

  • The validity dates for the transportation lane.
  • The distance & time taken. Proposal can be generated using “Generate Proposal” the button.
  • Two control indicators “Fix Trsp. Duration” & “Fix Trsp. Distance” used to overwrite specified duration & Distance.
  • The Precision field used to indicate auto. Calculation of distance via straight-line distance (value: 0000) or geographical information system (GIS) precision (0100) or manually (1000).
  • Business shares are to be taken into account in carrier selection.
  • Strategy for carrier selection based on Priority & Cost.
  • You can decide whether the planning period or the minimum and maximum capacities defined for the carriers are to be used for the initialization of allocations.


Step 3: Define carrier for specified Means of Transport (MTr)

To define the Carrier for defined MTr, just click on the MTr & select Create Carrier as shown in the Figure 3.1, 3.2.

means of transport

Figure 3.2

You can see at right side of figure, once we select create carrier “1001440: NAV_Carrier” respective Business Partner need to enter & some fields related to it as described below:

  • Internal costs & Priority: These fields will help you to define strategy for carrier selection
  • Arrival and departure windows for continuous moves
  • Maximum distance for continuous moves
  • Discounts for continuous moves
  • Business share for the carrier
  • Minimum and maximum capacity for initializing the allocation of the carrier

When you have many numbers of carriers assigned to MTr, you can see that when planning is run, system will automatically select the carrier for us for the respective transportation lane.




In todays blog we have seen how we can provide the inputs to the system & it automatically picked the carrier for us when planning is completed.

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Vaibhav Suryawanshi

SAP Consultant