SAP Business Network for Logistics

SAP BNL is a cloud solution to collaborate among business partners such as Shippers, Logistics service providers (LSPs), and Carriers. It is also called a network of networks. SAP BNL is built on SAP BTP, hence security, scalability & in-memory processing is also featured in it.

Now, how SAP BNL is going you help you? It is now very easy to invite your partners onto one platform with the help of SAP BNL. SAP BNL provides different kinds of applications for respective tenants, such as Shipper tenants & Carrier Tenant. For example, In Shipper tenant Dock Appointment scheduling App, Freight Request for Quotation App, etc, & In Carrier tenant, Manage Invoices App, Self-book dock appointment App.


SAP BNL provides three options:

  1. Freight Collaboration

In logistics, Customers need to collaborate with their partners for an end-to-end process but most of the platforms are corporate centric and all modes of transport are not supported and are globally unavailable. This option connects your business partner for an end-to-end process in logistics execution by exchanging documents and sharing insights. This provides visibility among logistics personnel. Shipper & Carrier both are on the same platform, so it is easy to keep track of processes & document exchange. This option provides tendering services as well, using which you can broadcast tender to multiple freight forwarders, which means you have oceans of opportunities.


  1. Global Track & Trace

This option as the name suggests keeps the track of the business processes. This solution comes with predefined standard apps & also businesses can use customized apps as per their requirement. This allows business users to get real-time transparency of processes. Users can query any tracked process and display its retrieved data from end to end. It comes with a benefit called rule-based triggering when uncertain things like delays and accidents happen. Rules can also benefit from triggering emails to the user as well as the back-end system.

It includes some preconfigured scenarios based on ERP deliveries & ERP shipments. The solution provides App for Business users that allow them to

  • Display milestones with planned and actual dates/times
  • Display details of processes
  • Report planned and unplanned events
  • Visualize related locations on a geographical map


  1. Material Traceability

As a product brand owner, you may come across the following questions, to ensure that the product is procured from trusted sources and want to provide evidence of the same to your customers.

  1. How and where the product which is procured was produced?
  2. From where the ingredients are coming from?
  3. Which supported certifications do the ingredients have?
  4. To whom is the product supplied?
  5. How many supplied partners using this batch of the product?

For all of these questions, there is one solution called “Material Traceability” which option is provided by SAP BNL. Material traceability enables sharing of product batch attributes, product batch classification, outbound delivery, purchase order, and so on across an entire supply chain network; links sources captured from the network and uses that source for upstream and downstream analysis by leveraging blockchain technology. Blockchain technology provides a trusted environment so that business partners can safely share product information.

This option is licensed within SAP BNL separately & integrates with SAP & non-SAP systems through public APIs.


If you are looking for a reliable implementing partner for SAP BNL, meet NAV IT Consulting. We are already implementing the 3rd SAP BNL project. NAV IT experts help company leaders, logistics managers, 3PLs, carriers, and shippers to understand the shifting dynamics of global logistics networks in a continually evolving supply chain ecosystem and also support companies to evaluate if SAP Logistics Business Network is a suitable collaboration platform for them.







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