Conditions in Output Management in SAP TM

In this blog we will see how a condition can play important role, when you need to trigger an output based on certain conditions. 

Suppose we have a condition where we will trigger the output like Printout of FO, only if Subcontracting status is “Send to carrier or confirmed by carrier”. 

For that we will follow the following steps, 

Step 1: Create your own action definition 

Follow the path: SPRO → Ref IMG → Cross-Application Components → Processes and Tools for Enterprise Applications → Reusable Objects and Functions for BOPF Environment → PPF Adapter for Output Management → Maintain PPF Settings 







PPF Applications in customizing

Figure 1 

As you can see in above figure 1, Select the PPF Application /SCMTMS/TRANSPORTATION & select Condition Configuration (Transportable Conditions). 

Later Action profile (for more details, see annexure below) window will open as you can see in Figure 2, where select SCMTMS/CM_PRINT for Freight Order print. 











Figure 3 

As shown in above figure 3,  

Click on Display/Change & then create Action definition /SCMTMS/PRINT_PFCM 2 under Action profile /SCMTMS/CM_PRINT. 


Step 2: Enter conditions (Z BAdI) developed by Developer 

System will show empty columns for Schedule Condition & Start Condition, here you will have to enter the Conditions (nothing but Z developed BAdI) which developer will create as per the requirement, in here Print (Output) will trigger, only if subcontracting status is “Send to carrier or confirmed by carrier”. 

Start Condition:  This condition is checked before action is executed. For eg. Print when status is “Sent to carrier”. 

Schedule Condition: The schedule condition decides whether an action should be scheduled for processing. For e.g., Batch job, etc. 


Schedule condition

Figure 4                                                                                                                Figure 5 

Once you assign the conditions here, system will trigger the output as per our requirement i.e. when subcontracting status is “Send to carrier or confirmed by carrier”. 



Today we have seen how the output triggering can be set through our preferred conditions. 



Action Profile – The action profile displays the interface between the application and the Post Processing Framework (PPF). 

Action Definition – The action definition describes the content of an action independently of the processing type.