Power Automate

Dear Readers,

Microsoft Power Automate is a software by Microsoft for automation of recurring tasks. It is part of the Microsoft Power Platform line of products together with products such as Power Apps and Power BI.

We can transfer data through Power Automate API workflows which help to upload data of one data source to another data source. We got one requirement from one of the clients to transfer the data from SQL to their different data source and flow will run on daily basis at set time.

For this requirement, we have created scheduled workflow for this which help to transfer from SQL to requested data source. We have used some steps for uploading data to other end through SQL end. The main steps which are used to create API is HTTPS step through this step we were successfully able to transfer the data from one end to another end. This will basically stablish the connection and check the authorization and created token and then through some steps it will start uploading data at other end.

We faced some challenges but with our expertise we achieved our target and able to meet with the requirements.

Working of Power Automate 


Automation trigger in the platform are accomplished through a Robotic process automation (RPA) ability called Flows. With the help of flow, API & user interface based automation capability are connected together in the Power Automate platform, both on-premise and in the cloud. Step by step actions in user-interface Flows, such as mouse clicks, data entry, and keyboard use can be recorded and process into intelligent, protected workflows.