Selection Profile in SAP TM

Selection Profile in SAP TM

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Today we will see the importance of “Selection Profile in SAP TM”.

In many business scenarios you might observe that planner needs only the necessary and relevant document to be showed in Transportation Cockpit, To fulfill this need, Selection profile will be used.

In other words Selection Profile decides “What Needs To Be Planned?”, it selects relevant objects for planning for example, Freight Units, etc.

This document selection can be done with three different attributes,

  1. Time-related selection attributes
  2. Geographical selection attributes
  3. Additional selection attributes

We will see function of each attribute in detail, so that you can choose the right attribute for your business scenario.

In below example we have created, Path: Profiles and Settings → Create Selection Profile

Selection Profile


Time-related selection attributes


Geographical selection attributes


Additional selection attributes


nav selection 04

Time-related selection attributes

In Profile Assignment, click on “New”, system will ask you Profile Name & Description for Time-related selection attributes, enter as shown in below screenshot 2,

nav test profile

When Profile name is entered you will be able to see it in adjutant tab of selection profile, refer below screenshot 3,

nav sp time 03

Here you define the demand horizon in the time-related selection attributes for pickup and delivery. The system chooses all freight units and freight orders whose pick-up date/time or delivery date/time lies within the relevant demand horizon.

Demand horizon is defined as absolute or relative:

  • Absolute: A start and end date and a start and end time
  • Relative : A specific Pick-Up & Delivery period can be set

In our example, we kept relative horizon, with window 15 days past & 30 days in future from current date when planner will plan.


Geographical selection attributes

Click on “New”, for Geographical selection attributes & enter “Profile Name & Description”,

We have profile name as “NAV_SP_GEO_02” as you can see in below screenshots 4 & 5,

nav gp geo
geo 02

Geographical selection attributes allow you to select objects based on geographical criteria. For example, Source/Destination Locations, Source/Destination Zones.

So that your object’s geographical area lies between these attributes will only be selected for planning.

In our example, we have Source Loc. as “NAV-NAGPUR-RY”, & Destination Loc. as “NAV-CUST-TARGET”.


Additional selection attributes

Here you define additional attributes for database queries, which restrict the selection of requirements data even more specifically.

An additional filter can be defined for certain business documents:

  • Business documents in forwarding order management (forwarding orders, forwarding quotations, order-based transportation requirements and delivery-based transportation requirements)
  • Business documents in freight order management (freight orders, freight bookings, freight units)

In our case, we have restricted the selection for Freight Unit for Doc. Type “ZFU4”. Refer below screenshot 6,


We will now observe result in Transportation Cockpit by assigning our Selection Profile,

Road freight orders
display road general freight unit type

As you can see our Selection criteria for Time-related & Geographical selection attributes and Additional selection attributes in above screenshots 7 & 8 respectively is fulfilled, by one Freight Unit & which is now ready for planning by the Transportation Planner.


In this blog, we have seen how we can choose relevant objects for planning using Selection Profile & its attributes.